Brushetta Topping

Update: I made this recipe last fall and wasn’t very pleased with the results. Only 4 jars made it through and there is still one left.  Won’t be making this one again.

No pictures of this one as I could barely keep up.  I’m having serious problems with timing while canning.  Next time I will wash the jars, fill the canning pot with water and prep all the veggies/fruit/herbs before I start anything.

I’ve been looking forward to trying this recipe ever since I picked up The Art of Preserving.  It will be great to eat with some good bread in the middle of January.

The recipe is pretty simple, tomatoes, basil, wine, and vinegar.  I used both red and yellow tomatoes to add some color and white wine and balsamic vinegars.  After reducing the liquid ingredients, I added the blanched, peeled, and cored tomatoes.  This is where I fell behind, I tried to chop the basil while the tomatoes heated up.  Unfortunately, I took too long and the tomatoes broke down a little too much.

I packed the brushetta topping into half-pint jars and processed for 20 minutes.  I must not have tighten the ring enough on one jar because one of them burst open during processing, luckily the jar didn’t break!

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