I love homemade applesauce so I when I heard that it is one of the easiest things to can, I jumped on it.

Apples are starting to show up at the farmer’s market so I bought a 5 pound bag of Honey Crisps and went to work.  I quartered and cored the apples and threw them in a big pot with just over a half cup of water (next time I will use cider).  After they cooked for about 30 minutes I ran the apples through my food mill to separate the skins and smooth out the texture.

Next I packed the sauce into hot jars.

I later realized the jars were way too full, I wouldn’t go past the lower lip of the jar.

After processing for 15 minutes.

The jars were ready, they cooled overnight and should be good for up to one year of storage.  One jar didn’t seal so that will be lunch tomorrow.

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